The Proof is in the
3D Pudding.

Our client list tends to amaze and astound people as much as our products, and it’s still growing. In fact, we’ve worked with top companies around the globe, turning ordinary marketing efforts into in-depth success stories.

Colorado-based cybersecurity company Webroot was looking for a way to stand out at the RSA Conference and tradeshow. RSA brings together high-end cybersecurity companies from around the world to discuss topics like data security, hackers and cryptography in the 21st century.  Working together, Image3D and Webroot achieved great results: Golden ticket winners redeemed 19 of the 20 smart watch prizes, meaning almost all of the attendees who received the room drop viewers picked them up and clicked through the reel. Webroot generated over 700 leads from the conference, a 314 percent increase from the previous year!
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When Veritas Software wanted to help the media see their company in a new way and stand out at the biggest corporate event of the year. Image3D was able to deliver those results when members of the media were sent intriguing invitations on a custom 3D reel and Image3D viewer.  More than 50 articles were published in the press, including all major trade publications, making it the most successful campaign of the year for Veritas Software. 

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Map Your Show, an event management company, provides software and services to help expo and tradeshow organizers coordinate with exhibitors and attendees to plan and execute successful events. Director of Marketing, Justin Post, explained that the company has tried many inventive tactics to inform tradeshow participants about the company and its products, but needed something different. Insert Image3D and custom reels and 3D viewers. The results were outstanding: Ten percent conversion rate of direct-mail receivers to website registration. The viewers also helped generate 40 leads at the expo, half of which mentioned receiving the custom viewer and reel in the mail. In addition, they created a unique tabletop piece that got attendees to stop, look through the viewer, and start up a conversation.

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When you plan to check out a new hotel or destination, why browse through a boring printed brochure when you can see the property details in 3D? That’s the unique experience that Marriott Courtyard wanted to give to potential customers when general manager Stuart Hurst contacted Image3D.  “Our new sales and marketing campaign has helped us get 5-6 new corporate accounts for 250 to 450 room nights per year with an average room rate of $95. We realize this is a long-term investment, which gives us an edge, which we’ll continue to use” Hurst explained.

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Pfizer, Inc. works with medical professionals worldwide, sharing stories of medical achievements and often needs to take a complex concept and make it memorable. Working with Image3D, Pfizer, Inc. was able to break through the noise in the medical industry and help sales and marketing representatives educate doctors about new drug breakthroughs that would improve patient care. Not only was the story heard loud and clear, but the marketing idea also allowed the company to build a personal connection with their audience.

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The Swan and Dolphin Resort hosts hundred of meetings and conventions and tens of thousands of attendees throughout the year. Marketers wanted to find a way to showcase the renovations to event planners and organizers. Swan and Dolphin Director of Creative Marketing Jeffrey Davidson knew he had just the way to show “an all-new perspective on meetings and events” to his clients. The custom reels and viewers were sent to 750 key clients, and since then, Davidson has been receiving calls every day about the campaign.

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CURE International is a world-renowned charity that runs hospitals in 10 different countries from Afghanistan to Zambia. It also provides medical aid to children in 19 developing countries. In preparation for a weekend appreciation event for donors, Lindsey Moyer, graphic designer for CURE International, was part of a team that was looking for a way to show the charity’s appreciation for its donors.  "The donors really loved the thank-you gift,” Moyer explained. “Many of them told us what a great throwback the viewer was, that they loved the beautiful pictures as well as the fact that we gave them a heartfelt thank you.”

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What others are saying:

"Just wanted to say thank you for the final [reel and viewer], the chocolates and the sweet thank you note! Also, thank you for being such an incredible bunch to work with you! You guided me through this process and I appreciate everything you’ve done! This project was a hit with our guests and our own CEO! Hoping we can work together sometime in the near future!"-J.D. of Under Armour

"Thank you so much for everything. I have to say, working with Image3D has been SO easy. You guys are definitely on my list of vendors who I will use in the future and recommend to colleagues needing [reels and viewers]. Every single employee, and I mean EVERY.SINGLE.EMPLOYEE. who I have been in contact with at your company has absolutely, hands-down made the process from beginning to end stress-free. Everyone is so knowledgeable of the product and so thorough in execution that I cannot think of one complaint I’ve had along the way. You guys truly rock at what you do!" -M.B. of Onyx Worldwide

"We're happy to share that we're using our custom reels to gain prospects for David Steel -- our CEO (of Sneeze It) and a well-known public speaker in the social media realm. We've been sending out the reels to potential associations and chapters who are interested in hiring David to speak and WOW -- they've been a great success. If anything, we get phone calls instantaneously saying that they love the creativity -- that in itself opens up windows of opportunities for sales for us. Thank you for being a step in our business's success!!" -E.B. of Sneeze It

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