Image3D is very concerned about the environment and participates in providing environmentally friendly products as well as participating in recycling programs for all of its waste.


Image3D viewers are made using a blend of reground (approximately 25%) ABS and natural ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). ABS is a thermo-polymer widely used throughout the world in the production of injection molded items such as automotive parts, computer cases, plumbing pipes, airplane parts, car bumpers, toy building blocks, golf club heads. and many other molded plastic materials. ABS is extensively used in the manufacture of inexpensive, durable products.

ABS is widely recycled and reused worldwide by a regrinding and/or re-pelletizing process. Image3D uses a mixture of reground (approximately 25%) ABS and natural ABS in the injection molding process for its viewers. Any scrap material is reground and reused so no ABS waste is sent to landfills. Recycling centers throughout the world accept ABS for regrinding. ABS products often have a symbol, representing the resin coding system that was introduced in 1988 by the Society of the Plastics Industry.


Image3D custom reel are made of a polyester film material catorigized as HDPE from Eastman Kodak and can be recycled. The chemicals used in the film processing equipment, also supplied by Eastman Kodak, is biodegradable with the exception of the silver content. Image3D reclaims 99.97% of the silver so virtually none goes into the waste stream. Information supplied by Eastman Kodak is attached for reference. The laminate used to encapuslate the reels is a polyester film and is fully recylable in the same manor as the reel film. Recycling symbol for the reels is Polyester HDPE #2


Image3D packaging is fully recyclable. All corrugated materials and paper used in the production of packaging can be recycled in the standard method used worldwide for paper or corrugated materials.

Download The Full PDF file Testing Results Here.