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How to Express Gratitude

Cure International

CURE International is a world-renowned charity that runs hospitals in 10 different countries from Afghanistan to Zambia. It also provides medical aid to children in 19 developing countries.

Almost all of CURE International’s funds come from charitable contributions and fundraising events, and with a coveted 4/4 star rating from Charity Navigator, CURE International uses almost all of those funds to further their mission of helping children.


Client Goals

In preparation for a weekend appreciation event for donors, Lindsey Moyer, graphic designer for CURE International, was part of a team that was looking for a way to show the charity’s appreciation for its donors.

“We were looking for something ‘childlike’ as a way to express our gratitude. Something to tell a story to donors of the kids they helped serve.” A co-worker came in one day with the idea of using a custom reel and viewer because it is a perfect piece of childhood nostalgia for generations. That’s when Lindsey discovered Image3D.


Working Together

Cure International Viewer

“The whole process was really straightforward and easy,” Moyer said. As a graphic designer, she worked with Image3D’s team not just to lay out the photos to tell CURE International’s story, but helped design the artwork and custom presentation boxes which made the thank-you gift something extra special.

Moyer explained that the viewers and four unique reels were placed in donors’ hotel rooms as “pillow gifts” to surprise them when they retired for the evening. Two of the reels showed success stories of Ellen and Cherilyn, two children helped by CURE International. A third reel showed the story of one of CURE’s doctors working in Uganda, and a fourth demonstrated CURE’s five core value principles.


"The donors really loved the thank-you gift,” Moyer explained. “Many of them told us what a great throwback the viewer was, that they loved the beautiful pictures as well asthe fact that we gave them a heartfelt thank you.”


Success Achieved

Cure International Slide

Image3D knows how to help companies succeed. Producing high-quality images on a unique medium that informs, inspires and entertains is what we do. Whether you’re a design expert like Lindsey, or you just have an idea of what you want to do, we will work with you and your company to tell your story in a unique way. We can take any image and deliver a high quality, custom reel and viewer to help you stand out and succeed, whether it is to showcase your work, market your product or company, or say thank you to your clients.

When asked what she thought of her experience working with Image3D, Moyer said, “It was a great process, and so easy. I really love how the whole project turned out.”


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