Map Your Show


Map Your Show


Map Your Show, an event management company, provides software and services to help expo and tradeshow organizers coordinate with exhibitors and attendees to plan and execute successful events.

Although Map Your Show helps clients succeed at tradeshows, they too needed to find a way to stand out.



Client Goals

Director of Marketing Justin Post explained that the company has tried many inventive tactics to inform tradeshow participants about the company and its product, including a “wedding invitation” with an RSVP, and a scratch-off lottery-style ticket to pique potential clients’ interest and get them to stop by their booth. Post discovered Image3D’s custom reels and viewers through an ad agency he’d previously worked with, and thought they would be just the ticket at the next tradeshow.


Working Together

In preparation for Expo! Expo!—a tradeshow for tradeshow organizers, Post sent 120 custom reels and viewers to potential clients who would be attending the expo. The custom reels showed Map Your Show’s story and how the company helps organizers succeed. “When people hear our name, a lot of them think we’re a cartography company, so we needed a way to quickly show potential clients what we’re all about.”

Along with the custom reel and viewer, Post included a postcard with instructions to register for a free personalized gift on the company’s website, and come pick it up at Map Your Show’s booth at the expo.

“It really exceeded expectations.” Post said. Ten percent of direct-mail recipients registered ahead of time, and came to the booth to collect their personalized YETI tumblers.


Success Achieved


Map Your Show had also ordered a few custom reels and viewers to display at the booth, and they were a great conversation starter: “Lots of folks came up and started talking to us because they saw the viewers on the table. They clicked through the reel, and it was a great way to break the ice.”

Map Your Show's Campaign Results:

  • Ten percent conversion rate of direct-mail receivers to website registration

  • The custom reels and viewers helped generate 40 leads at the expo, half of which mentioned receiving the custom viewer and reel in the mail

  • A unique tabletop piece that gets attendees to stop, look through the viewer, and start up a conversation

Image3D knows how to help companies succeed. Producing high quality images on a unique medium that informs, inspires and entertains is what we do.

Using our patented digital process, we will work with you and your company to tell your story in a unique way. We can take any image and deliver a high quality, custom reels and viewers to help you stand out and succeed.

I was really happy with how smoothly it went. The process was easy, and I had no problem getting the order completed and delivered in time for the show. I hope to find another opportunity to work with Image3D in the future.” Post said of his experience.

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