Pfizer, Inc.

Pfizer, Inc Shares Complex Medical Information with Image3D


Pfizer, Inc works with medical professionals worldwide, sharing stories of medical achievements and often needs to take a complex concept and make it memorable.

Working with Image3D, Pfizer, Inc was able to break through the noise in the medical industry and help sales and marketing representatives educate doctors about new drug breakthroughs that would improve patient care.

Norvasc was a new drug being promoted by Pfizer, Inc that would treat hypertension and angina.  Image3D created custom reels and viewers that would help Pfizer, Inc Canada and Anderson Advertising share the story of the drug and how it would be best used and shared with customers.  Basic pharmaceutical marketing strategies simply wouldn’t make the cut and they needed a new way to stand out. Image3D helped doctors to see the drug’s features in a new way.


Success Achieved

Image3D’s own Rich Dubnow, a pioneer in 3D imagery and technology, lead the team to create over 3,000 custom reels and viewers that would help Anderson Advertising share a complex and serious story, through a medium that was often associated with that red View-Master® toy from your past. 

Not only was the story heard loud and clear, but also the marketing idea allowed the company to build a personal connection with their audience.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Campaign Details

A multi-stage campaign targeted individuals in the medical industry, providing a great way to share the drug’s story and information to medical reps and doctors.   A collaboration between Image3D and Anderson Advertising allowed 2D images to be morphed into 3D content from rich imagery including photography, drawings, and cartoons. The end result was a creative and memorable product.



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