Even when miles apart, you can still give a great gift! For their 6 month anniversary, Natalie gave her boyfriend a customized RetroViewer in a one-of-a-kind I Love You viewer. Thankfully, FaceTime helped her see the best reaction she could have hoped for.

Natalie told us...

Natalie makes an awesome RetroViewer anniversary reel
"I saw an ad for the Retro Viewer online a while back and thought "wow I haven't seen one of these since I was maybe 10." My 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend was coming up, so I decided to make one for him filled with pictures of us. The reaction was well worth it. He was in Florida at the time, so we had to FaceTime while he opened it. "You are the only person who could make me tear up at 12am from 850 miles away."

Hit the nail on the head with this gift. Definitely going to be making these for all big anniversary's now!"

Natalie makes an awesome RetroViewer anniversary reel

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