Share Your RetroViewer Story! (And get a reward for doing so!)


Everybody loves a custom RetroViewer!

Everybody loves a custom RetroViewer

We get tons of stories every week with people describing the heartwarming, exciting, and memorable stories they have about our product.

"I am writing to you to thank you (very, very much) for everything: I am so excited, the Retro Viewer is perfect!!"

"I just received my viewer set and reels, which was a gift for my wife. 1st Anniversary. It is the first time she called me "21st Century Cool" for giving her something so awesome."

"I ordered a set for my husband for Father's Day and was so excited about it that I gave it to him 2 months early. He loved it!"

Just to name a few...

Daniela gave her BFF a custom RetroViewer

We know that we make a fun product that creates happiness, buzz, and good feelings. So, why don't you tell us about them!? You'll even get rewarded! (see below)

Did you give a custom reel as a gift and got a great reaction?

Was your custom reel favors the talk of your wedding?

Did you use a custom reel to entice a business deal…and nailed it?

Did you earn an A+ on your school project that included a custom reel?

Do you have your custom reel with family photos sitting on your mantle for all your house guests to see?

Tell us about it!

Eurocentrum office complex uses a custom RetroViewer at their grand opening

We would love to use your story for our own personal giddiness as well as to share the good feelings and ideas on our blog for others to enjoy.

For submitting a story, we will add rewards points to your account to be used as a discount on a future order.
And for an added bonus, if you submit a picture or two that goes with your story, you will get an even better reward! Can’t get much better than that.

So, tell us about your custom reels, what you did with them, how cool they are, what everyone thought, how people reacted, and how they just make life better. The more details the better!


Submit your story by emailing us at [email protected] and let us know that you are sharing your story as part of the rewards program. Then, let all the details flow. Easy peasy!

**IMPORTANT: Please submit stories that include the product you have received, not how you intend on using it. We want to know what happened, that's what makes a GREAT story! (for example, if you are using it at a party, tell us what happened after the party)

Yearbook students enhance yearbook with custom RetroViewers

Need some examples? Here are some of our favorites:

Maid-of-Honor Proposal with a RetroViewer

Planet Wallywood Loves His Custom Reel and Viewer

Watercolor Paintings Showcased on a Custom Reel

Throwback Birthday Party Fun

A Proposal at Half Dome

Reaction to a Custom Reel Gift on Wedding Day

See all of them here.

The best Christmas ever with a custom RetroViewer Helsinki Tagged uses a custom RetroViewer for tourism


*Stories must be about using our product and what happened.

*Discounts can only be used on future orders.

*This will be ongoing because we will always love to hear stories. However, we reserve the right to cancel this promotion at anytime.

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The best reaction to a gift comes from a RetroViewer Businesses love to use custom RetroViewers

13 thoughts on “Share Your RetroViewer Story! (And get a reward for doing so!)”

  • Cindy Kruse

    Rewards Program, I am, I am.

    I think this product is really unique. Every year I give photo gifts and this being the 8th year doing so, it is looked forward to and I ran out of ideas ... you saved me. Everyone is getting a viewmaster & reel this year. And in future years I will give ever family a reel only to keep costs down. I do take photos all year.

  • Jody Oberfelder

    We're using ours for a performance project called THE BRAIN PIECE, which will be performed June 28-July 1, an immersive dance/film/theater piece at New York Live Arts. The viewfinders will be used for for a section called "Carnival of the Mind." I had fun creating these unique props. Check out the live show!!

  • Jerri

    I gave the viewer to a friend who is leaving the country for a new job. I used some of her photos on facebFacebook of friends and family. This was perfect because it wouldn't take up a lot of room in her suitcases. She thought it was one of the coolest gifts she had ever received and took it to her going away party to show her family. It was a hit!

  • Jessica

    I got this for my husband for our anniversary. He LOVED it! He said it was just like the one he had as a child. He even the took it to his work to show it off!

  • Sherry

    I intended to get this for my husband for Fathers Day. I created a reel starting with the first pic he was seen holding our son in the hospital up thru the years. I LOVED the fact that I could title each picture and customize it. When I received it I as so blown away and since I always try to give meaningful thought out gifts that provoke tears of emotion or joy.... I gave this to him a month early on his birthday! Now, I am looking for a fathers day gift. HAHA Our anniversary is coming up so I am going to place an order for a new reel for our special occasion. The quality was excellent. There was not a short corner taken anywhere and I have raved about this idea to my family and friends. This would be PERFECT for any company especially for a Year End Review to investors or for a product launch. I am no longer in marketing but wish I was after having purchase a reel viewer and reel. LOVE IT!

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  • Larry Hess

    we have a daughter in low that lives in North Dakota who has not net all of our son's family wile my wife visited last month Katie got to see the family on our view finder. Know they are coming here and will share the reals with the rest of the family at a home coming for our son and his family ( he is in the Air Force) and has not been in Ohio for 4years.

  • Erikson

    My neice lives on the other side of the world to me. I am in Australia and she is in Denmark. So for christmas I decided to create a retroviewer for her using the photographs of her first trip to Australia. I hope this is something she can keep forever with memories of patting a kangaroo, swimming in the Indian Ocean and enjoying the Aussie sun with her uncles.

  • Shauna Godfrey

    I purchased this at the gift shop at Devils Tower for my husband. We had recently returned from a 30th anniversary trip to Hawaii. I quickly made a reel of my favorite Hawaii pictures for him. They love looking st t at his office. I’ve made reels for Christmas from a few of our family trips. Each trip a different reel - starting with OLDEST pictures. I love that you can put a photo on the front of the reel as a tag. I missed that on the first reel

  • Stephanie Sanderfer
    Stephanie Sanderfer February 14, 2018 at 9:43 am

    I have been an Image3d customer for 7 years now. I purchased my first viewer and reel for my boyfriend for our first Christmas together. It was a reel of photos of us on our adventures over the last year. Since then I have gotten him a new reel every Valentine’s Day. Today is Valentine’s Day and I gave him our 7th reel. It is a cool alternative to photo albums. It will be a nifty thing to share with our future children.

  • Mandy S

    I can't thank RetroViewer enough for both the AMAZING customer service experience and the fantastic gift my reels & viewer made! I discovered RetroViewer only a week before my 10th wedding anniversary. I had been struggling for a gift idea for my husband. I wanted something that had sentimental value, but knew a photo album wouldn't have the WOW factor I was looking for and would end up collecting dust. When I came across RetroViewer, I knew it was the perfect gift, but time was short! I contacted RetroViewer's customer service to find out about expediting my order and was so touched when they worked with me to make sure my order came through, went to print, and was even shipped out before a snow storm they were expecting. Talk about a WOW factor-Hands down, this was the best customer service I've experienced in a long time! When the Reel Viewer arrived, it was absolutely perfect. Ten years of memories preserved in such a unique and special way. My husband was floored by the gift and we've had so much fun showing it to our kids, family & friends. I cannot say enough good things about this company and the special, unique, and quality product they are producing. I highly recommend gifting a ReelViewer to someone in your life!

  • […] a reward for sharing this story with us! Tell us your story and receive your reward too! Click here for […]

  • […] a reward for sharing this story with us! Tell us your story and receive your reward too! Click here for […]

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