A RetroViewer is more than just a fun one-time gift. It can be used for so many different instances, making memories for years and years.

Teresa has done just that and incorporated RetroViewer into her lifetime keepsakes. She told us,

"I started using RetroViewer at our son’s wedding four years ago! I had pics of their proposal, friends, and others on the reels and had viewers and reels on all the tables! It was a hit and entertained the guests.

Memories of the children growing up on a RetroViewer

Fast forward four years from the wedding: We have twin grandsons! Every month I made reels of their growth and cute outfits! They are now 15 months and now I am doing reels every three months.

I also included a reel with all the grandparents as well. It will be a nice reminder of names since you can write captions on the reels and label them.

I order three duplicate reels at a time, one for each twin (I’ll save to give them when they’re older!) One I keep with the Viewer in a box so they can look at them when they come over.  They can also take them for “Show and Tell” when they’re in school!

I have 8x10 scrapbooks with plastic sleeves. I have developed hard copies (pictures) of each month and placed them in the scrapbook’s sleeves and behind each picture I have a reel! Also, I’ve attached memory captions off to the side of each sleeve for chuckles, laughs, or tears. 

I LOVE RetroViewer and the options I have for scrapbooking our grandchildren’s memories!

Oh! Did I mention we are adding a granddaughter soon and she will have her own RetroViewer reels and scrapbook too!"




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