Wow, it's already December! For us at Image3D that means we are getting really close to the PPAI show in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas

For the first week of January, I and other members of the Image3D team will be selling our fantastic product to people looking for amazing promotional products.

This will be my second time attending a large trade show with Image3D. Every day that goes by while working here I get more and more excited about the future of this company. We have so many ideas to offer people that I can't wait to share them with the thousands of attendees in Vegas.
Image3D Set

Even though I am still fairly new with the company, it isn't our first time rockin' the crowds at the PPAI Vegas show. Last year at this show was the first time we introduced taking personalized 3D photographs that attendees can take home with them in a matter of minutes. The photos were such a huge hit, creating huge lines behind our booth, that we have taken the setup with us to every other show since (we even rent it out now too!).

Looking forward to what this year brings! Viva Las Vegas!