The RetroViewer has a way of making people feel giddy. It brings back childhood memories of fun days sitting around and looking at pictures from far away destinations.

The people over at Utah Valley Convention & Visitor Bureau decided to use that nostalgic effect and put photos of their gorgeous area on a RetroViewer to market tourism.

Lee, Sales Director at Utah Valley Convention & Visitor Bureau, told us:

"A few years ago, our sales team was brainstorming for ways that we could get clients to really look at images of our product.  Most people don’t take the time to look at an email, or brochure or even look book.  We figured if we found a creative, nostalgic way to present the images, they might just look at them and maybe even keep them!  After a few Google searches, I came across the Image3D website, and we were sold.

We have taken the view masters and reels to trade shows and given them as gifts--and our clients reactions are always the same.  “I remember these!” or “This is so cool!” followed by giggling and “Can I keep this?”

Of course you can keep this.  We were hoping you’d say that. 😊"

Visit Utah Valley Custom Reels and Viewer


Visit Utah Custom RetroViewer Reel 1


Visit Utah Custom RetroViewer Reel 2


Beautiful isn't it!?


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