You know you've found the perfect gift when it makes all of your friends happy! Throughout the year, James G., has been purchasing customized RetroViewers for all his friends. With each new RetroViewer he gives, he brings a smile to a new face! Let the memories commence!

James told us,

"I LOVE your product and I see a bright future for more customized viewfinders!

I found you online one day while just browsing the internet and thought "wow, what a fun gift idea". I am a photographer and I spend a lot of time photographing life, especially those in my life and community - from my job as an event planner to the chorus I sing with, to friends and family who mean the world to me. I gave my first viewfinder to my best friend for his birthday and he was blown away. When he opened the box, he kinda laughed because of the nostalgia of the viewfinders from when we were kids. But as soon as he brought it up to his face and started clicking through each picture, [his] jaw kept dropping and he smiled immensely! This brought him much joy as it did me, so I decided to make this my birthday gifts for family and friends for 2017!! It is fun to go through my photos and pick out 7 of the best pictures that really define each relationship - and even more fun to caption [them] so that the words just pop off the screen in 3D!

Thank you for making this product available, affordable and with great quality! I look forward to building more memories as I continue to give the gift of RetroViewers!!!"

Friends enjoying their personalized viewfinder gifts karen viewmaster angie viewmaster jackie viewmaster

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