Everyone has their favorite toy. For us, no questions asked, it's the View-Master!

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Retro View-Master

But, how often can you say that the one toy that not only brightens your day but helps to pay our bills is listed on so many "Best Toys" lists?

In our case, this happens all the time! And, in most cases, the View-Master is high on the list!

Take this top 10 list on Sqidoo for example- Top Toys of All Time
View-Master ranks as number 3! For added fun, there is even a list of the best "non-toy" toys! Things such as sticks, rocks and water made it on to that list.

Then, on TIME's list of the 100 best toys, View-Master fits right in- All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys
This list is great because it splits the toys up by decade. Find your decade and compare it to the toys you played with.

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View-Master Snow White Set

We often find a lot of the same toys mixed in with the View-Master for the top spots. Toys like, Barbie, the Hula Hoop, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky, and LEGO to name a few.

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Hula Hooping

In addition to the View-Master, we favor the toys that stand the test of time. For instance, the Hula Hoop and Silly Putty, which were invented in the 50's, were favorite toys of mine in the 80's (and even to this day you will find me Hula Hooping!).

How do you think these lists stack up? What was your favorite toy? Let us know!