Here is the one time when you get to make a big impression on an event that will change your life forever. And, the key to this big event is the invitation that gets sent all over to family and friends.

So now the question is how do you make your invitations? Cards with fancy ribbon? A message in a bottle like it came from the sea? Or how about a fun custom reel!

The ideas are endless! We have done everything from "our story" type reels to to-the-point-all-about-the-big-day reels.

The reel below comes to us from Angela and Alain and includes a fun way of describing their "happy day." (If you need to know how to view the sequence of the reel, check out this post- Image3D Reel Lesson, otherwise this might look out of order :-)

wedding invitation reel

You can create the reel as your entire invitation, including 3D text describing the venue, date, & time OR you can add a supplement card to go with your invite.

The cool thing about Image3D Celebrate sets is that the box the set comes with, is sturdy enough to be mailed by itself (we would just suggest sealing the flap closed, just in case!). So, you can add things to the box, such as a card with more information about your wedding.

This is exactly what Angela and Alain did.

Reel & Viewer Invite with Card

Now, they can honestly say that they have sent one of the most unique and fun types of wedding invitations around. And, it is something that all their loved ones will be able to keep and cherish forever.