Most people encounter a wedding proposal at some point in their lives. And, if their the ones popping the question, the pressure is on to make it memorable and unique!

For Josh, it was a View-Master viewer, custom photo reels from Image3D, and a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Germany. The trip on its own for two love birds was memorable, of course, but coming home as a fiance, even better!

Josh told us...

"I recently purchased 4 reels as part of my proposal last weekend over the Wertach River in Augsburg, Germany. We live in Minneapolis, MN. The first 3 reels were all about places we've been and food we've eaten. The 4th one has pictures of us two with the big question spelled out. As she was looking at it and therefore distracted, I was waiting for her with the ring as her friends started taking pictures and video. She and her friends loved this idea. As you can see, it worked out pretty well :)"

Josh proposes with a View-Master

And, it's official! They are engaged! And what a fun way to do it, with customized reels depicting their favorite things. Not only unique up front, but something they can hold on to forever!

The happy couple is engaged! A fun and unique proposal with a View-Master and customized reel

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