When someone tells you that they do not want anything for Christmas, it is usually code for "my gift better be amazing." LOL

Other times, that person really means it because, let's be real, there are only so many things one person can have cluttering up their home.

So when Elizabeth H.'s mom told her that story, she knew she needed to come up with something unique that her mom could treasure, instead of the latest kitchen gadget or pair of socks. In the end, she started a new family tradition with the perfect gift she found, our custom RetroViewer.

Elizabeth told us,

Giving the perfect gift on Christmas morning

"When my mom told me she didn’t want anything for Christmas my hunt began for the perfect gift. I stumbled across your website by accident while looking for a retro camera and immediately knew I was going to get her one of your retro viewers. I filled the reel with pictures of her kids and grandkids.

When she opened it Christmas morning and peeked inside she started tearing up immediately. It was the perfect gift.

Everyone in the room wanted to check it out and see the magic for themselves, then wanted to know where I got such an awesome, personalized gift! My mom has already said she now wants reels of our family vacations and each of us kids baby pictures. She has tasked me already with finding her a box to store her reels in on her mantle so everyone can see them when they walk into the house! Thank you for helping us start a new family tradition!!"



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