A great Christmas present is one that can be cherished long after the big day. When a customized reel is made with love and thought to remember a loved one who has passed and the special moments of life, you know that it will be a gift that is remembered and kept forever.

Melanie told us,

"I purchased the RetroViewer and two reels for my son as a Christmas gift. His father had passed away two years ago the week before Christmas, so I wanted to create a “In loving memory” reel of his father for him. His fathers life partner had unexpectedly past away six months after him so I added a picture of both of them celebrating my sons stepsister’s first birthday together as a memory of her as well.

We always celebrate Christmas Eve and exchange gifts with each other so I was so excited when I found out that my sons stepsister was joining us on Christmas Eve.

When he opened the RetroViewer he looked kind of like “it was something he wasn’t to excited about” until he realized what was presented with it. One reel was in loving memory of his father and the other was special moments with Mom, “which is me”, he absolutely loved it, and enjoyed the pictures of them together as my son grew up.

But I felt sad for his stepsister and happy for her at the same time because she started to cry but of happy tears. She enjoyed the RetroViewer so much, exspecially the picture with all of them together celebrating her first birthday.

My son wants more reels of special moments, so I plan on starting a tradition of receiving new reels on different holidays throughout the year. Thank you so much for creating this incredible idea, we all love it!"



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