While a loved one is away, feeling close to home through photos and memories is must.

Sure, there is Facebook, but having a tangible keepsake to hold on to and treasure while in WIFI hot-spots or not, is much more sentimental.

And, speaking of sentimental, Shannel C. found our RetroViewer and loved how memorable and unique it was as a gift for her active-duty boyfriend.

Shannel told us,

A customized I Love You RetroViewer gift for her boyfriend

"My boyfriend is an active duty military member and we were celebrating our one year anniversary apart. I'm all about sentimental and memorable gifts and am so glad I came across Retroviewer. He and I both love our Retroviewer because it's truly a one of a kind gift! As a result, our friends were so blown away by it that they're making their own Retroviewers too! Now, I can continue to create new custom reels to showcase our favorite pictures together. Thank you for being so unique Retroviewer!"


The perfect customized gift for her active military boyfriend



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