Our RetroViewers have been part of many big life events for thousands of people around the world. Marriage proposals, pregnancy announcements, art gallery showings, new construction projects...the list goes on. Recently, we were able to add one more to that great list, a book tour accompaniment!

Author Cynthia Rust and daughter Stephanie J. told us:

"My mom, Cynthia Rust, just recently accomplished her lifelong goal of publishing a comedic memoir about raising my 39 year old brother, Randy, who suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and autism - It’s Nice To Meet Me Too. It was a project years in the making and when it finally came time to design the cover, we found the perfect way to tie in one of his favorite childhood toys. So when I came across your company online, it was a perfect fit! I surprised my family with two viewers and a custom reel of childhood pictures of my brother at my mom’s first book launch party and of course, they were a total hit. One viewer has now made the rounds to every other event for the book while the other has not been let out of my brother’s sight. He cannot get enough of it - as the eternal child who has never really grown up, it was so amazing to give him a gift that brought him right back to his childhood. Obviously we had to make a couple more custom reels for him and plan to give them to him for Christmas. Can’t thank you enough! We had so many people asking where in the world we got these amazing custom viewers and reels and we have been thrilled to direct them to your site!"

Cynthia Rust It's Nice to Meet Me Too


Cynthia Rust It's Nice to Meet Me Too, Custom RetroViewer

How cool!

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