When one special anniversary turns into a lifetime of memories, that's a good day!

Elizabeth had this experience when she made a RetroViewer reel and gave it to her boyfriend for their 2 year anniversary. Even his parents loved it!

Here is what Elizabeth had to say:

"I bought my custom reel for me and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary. I gave it to him in this huge box. When he opened it I never have seen him so surprised, he said "this takes me back to memories when I was little and it's things I love, what could be better." His parents thought it was the coolest thing! It's been a few months since I bought it now and he still looks at it multiple times a day. It's the coolest gift I've ever bought for someone, I definitely plan on making many more for family members and maybe even every anniversary!"

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Elizabeth gave her boyfriend the coolest gift ever


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