Father's Day is a time to show your dad how much you truly appreciate him.
From all the tough days of diaper changing, to fun fishing trips together, dads are one-of-a-kind!
So, instead of a new lure (or something else he has tons of), make him a one-of-kind gift, just like him!

And, of course we are talking about a personalized Reel and Viewer!

It's easy to make online and it's a way to show off all the things you love about your dad, some special memories you've shared, and definitely make him smile! Plus, he probably had one as a child, so it will bring back memories in more ways than one!

Fathers Day Reel

The ideas are endless for making a Father's Day reel!

Include photos of the kids, with each kid describing what they love about Dad.

Go old school with nostalgic photos of his childhood.

Or keep it cool with some of his favorite things (motorcycles, golfing, etc.), a recent family trip, the pets, etc....

Photos of Dad to put on a Custom Reel

And, this year, we are offering one-of-a-kind Father's Day viewers! Simply choose your Father's Day viewer color at checkout. Click here to order now!

Specialty Father's Day Viewer

From 20's to 90's, a custom reel is loved by all generations of dads!

We've heard stories of dads putting their viewer and customized reel on their desk to show off to all their clients and colleagues.

We've also seen photos of dad's with smiles bigger than you've ever seen. Roberta K. told us, "The reels and viewers we gave my Dad for Father's Day were such a HUGE hit with him, all the memories from the photos brought about all sorts of fun stories we ALL enjoyed! All the relatives loved looking at them too after Dad was done looking at them repeatedly!"

Checkout this short video we received from Christie of her dad opening his custom reel gift on Father's Day. His reaction is PRICELESS!

Dad loves his custom reel for Father's Day

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