After years of gifting custom RetroViewers, Love put together a 3-reel-set for family members to relive an unforgettable trip to Africa.

Love explained,

"Ya know those people who show up at parties and give the coolest, most unexpected gifts to the birthday boy or girl? That's me. I've been giving customized RetroViewer reels to my family and friends for the past few years. People are fascinated by them because they are so retro cool, and they LOVE them because they are personal keepsakes. I spend a lot of time customizing each one for each recipient.

This year I gave three reels each to my parents, my sister, and my husband at Christmas. That's nine reels under the Christmas tree. Our three families had traveled to Africa together over the summer. Our pictures were stunning, especially the ones from our safari. Seeing the pictures on a phone, on the computer, or in print didn't do them justice. Seeing them in a 3-D RetroViewer? That is SPECTACULAR! I made a three disc set for each of our families so they could relive the magic of our Africa trip anytime they like. As expected, they were a hit.

Here are my two kids reliving our African adventure on their 3-D RetroViewers."

Kid's enjoying their RetroViewer gifts

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