It's an age old saying here around Image3D, everyone that see's a RetroViewer loves it. For Carrie, that has helped take all the guesswork out of holiday and anniversary gifts.

Carrie told us:

"I created and gave one to my in-laws for Christmas last year and they absolutely loved it. I put all their vacation photos on it and they show it to everyone that comes to their house. 

This year I am adding a set of slides for them for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Not only is this gift a "conversation starter", but it has also truly taken the guesswork out of holiday gifts for me. Everyone that see's it loves it. 

I am also going to make one for my brothers one year wedding anniversary and then add slides to document their daughters the whole first year. 

Thank so much Retro Viewer, now I only hope someone would think to make one for me lol."

RetroViewer makes the perfect gift

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