Fun wedding favors are a perfect addition to your wedding. They get guests talking, they make people smile, and they serve as another tool to showcase your love for everyone to see.

A wedding favor can be anything from handouts that guests get to take home (I once went to an outdoor wedding that gave every guest homemade raspberry jam, sooo good!) to even just a couple displays sitting around the tables for guests to look at.

I can honestly say that my favorite wedding-type reel is the favor because of this- Jennifer L. and many others have submitted reels that consisted of half pictures of the groom when he was little and half that contain pictures of the bride when she was little. Then, add a reel that combines the both of them together now and you have the talk of the party.

Jen and Josh Reel

But of course, that is just one idea. Many couples order reels of just the two of them together or reel with all of their extended family. Once, a couple ordered 27 unique reels. Some had pictures of her family, some of his family, some had pictures of the vacations they have been on, and so many more!

My Example~

I am so glad that I was recently married because it serves as such a good example to pass along to everyone!

I had a destination wedding. The wedding consisted of just my husband and I on the beautiful beaches of Maui. Although no friends and family came along, we still wanted to be able to share the memory of our time there.

wedding and honeymoon reel

A month later, we had a big reception with everyone we loved in attendance. We had about 75 custom reel and viewer sets sitting out for each guest to look at and take home with them.

Liz's Reception Sets

The results were phenomenal, nobody could stop talking about how cool they were. Now, when I go to some family members homes, I see our reel and viewer sitting on their mantle right alongside other family photos.