School is almost out which means camp is about to start. Are you sending your child to summer camp this year?

Even with all the fun and excitement that comes with summer camp, there is a lot of homesickness that creeps its way in. What can they say? They just love you so much!
So, when little Charlie is feeling blue, brighten their day with a fun care package!

Since we are in the business of Viewfinders, we think the best idea is to send one of those! Create a fun, custom reel with pictures of Charlie's favorite things. Big sis, Grandpa, Rufus, and even SpongeBob can all have their own frame with a personalized note and words of wisdom (click the picture below to see a bigger view).

summer camp, homesick, gift, pictures

Other great things to send:

*Favorite Snacks and Goodies
Do they jump for joy when you make no bake cookies, blueberry muffins, or homemade caramel corn? Send some their way with a personalized note of love. I suggest sending extra for your kid to share with friends - it will give them a little boost in confidence knowing that they can share something everyone likes.

*Board Games/Puzzles
Does your little one love family game night? Send them their favorite game to share with friends. You could even create a fun personalized puzzle with a picture of the family pet - it will give them something to do when feeling blue and put a smile on their face when they see the finished masterpiece is Fido.

*Books and Magazines
Make the nights a little more cozy with their favorite book or magazine (Highlights was mine!). Be sure to send a flashlight and encourage them to make a tent-type structure under their covers for added fun (and to not bug their bunk mates).