On June 23rd 2011 Sonic the Hedgehog celebrated his 20th birthday. In the meantime, we celebrated making a custom reel and viewer for the event! Many of us here at Image3D were feeling pretty nostalgic x 2! Not only did we get to create one of coolest retro items of all time but now mix that in with one of the coolest games of all time?
[caption id="attachment_236" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Image3D Red Viewer"]Image3D Red Viewer[/caption]

I even heard that because of Sonic’s birthday, they were creating a new PlayStation bundle…including the original game! This seriously brought back memories of all the games I was glued to as a kid. Of course, my top two were Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers (which I was a pro at by the way). And once both of those came out for the Wii, I got them. My husband and I actually received Super Mario Bros for Christmas and beat the game very soon after: we were glued to it just as we were as kids!

I asked co-worker, Ramona, what games she remembers as a kid and her first responses were Pong and Intellavision. Growing up with a little brother though, her most vivid memories were of fighting over the controller!
It’s funny how games have changed so much over such a short period of time. From Intellavision to Nintendo and Sega and now to interactive Wii’s! I remember playing The Oregon Trail on a floppy disc at my grandparent’s house and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Then as soon as cell phones became the new “it” thing, I was addicted to Snake (and I didn’t even have a cell phone!).
[caption id="attachment_228" align="alignright" width="250" caption="NES Nintendo"]NES Nintendo[/caption]

When new editions come out I feel like a kid again and get super excited to play, even with an “adult” busy schedule. The new Super Mario Bro’s for the Wii is just as fun as the original. However, there is always something fun about blowing off that cartridge (sometimes multiple times) and shoving it into the old Nintendo.