A lot of planning goes into setting up the perfect proposal. We are always honored when our RetroViewer is part of that planning.

Tanner had the perfect set up. Here is his story:

"I purchased a viewfinder to propose to my girlfriend, Rachel. It was all a pretty in-depth operation. For two weeks, I told her that I was planning on going backpacking with my extended family. The plan all along was to actually propose.

I worked it all out so that Rachel's sister would take her to a lake by her house and talk on a bench for some "much needed" girl talk. It was actually the place where Rachel and I went on our second date. We planned out where they would be and where I would hide.

It all worked according to plan. As they were talking, Rachel's sister told Rachel that I prepared a little surprise for her because I knew that Rachel would be sad that I was gone. As Rachel looked through the viewfinder, I moved into position. Each picture of the viewfinder represented a part of our relationship. The last frame of the viewfinder was a picture of us that said, "Will you marry me?" She put down her viewfinder confused and asked her sister what was going on. Then, Rachel saw me on one knee holding the ring. She was completely surprised and had no idea that she was being proposed to until it was happening. I gave her some time to take the moment in, gave her my little speech, and then asked her if she would marry me. Fortunately, she said yes! The viewfinder worked perfectly for my sentimental surprise.

Thanks for the great product that you guys make. We are planning on ordering several of them to have in our reception line!"

Tanner uses a custom reel to propose to his girlfriend



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