When you think back to all the toys you loved as a kid, do you ever imagine your own grandkids enjoying those toys too?

Margaret was very happy to find RetroViewer and share it with her two grandchildren. She told us:

"First of all, a million thanks for bringing this sensational toy back to life in ways that we could never have imagined when I was a little girl!

I have two little grandchildren, and I’m always looking for old-fashioned, fun, unique toys for them. Last Christmas, I purchased a bow and arrow for my grandson, Wylie, and a wooden dollhouse for Stella, my granddaughter. Just when I thought I’d finished my shopping, I came across an ad for your RetroViewer on Facebook. Genius! I gathered up some cute photos of the two children and sent them in. It arrived just in time for Christmas.

They LOVED it! Even at age two, Stella is able to advance the viewer from one photo to the next, and Wylie has so much fun recounting the stories and memories that they evoke.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a special pink RetroViewer for Valentine’s Day and am saving it to give to them in March, when I visit them in Brooklyn. I can’t wait.

Thanks again for creating this very special way to introduce kids to the kind of toy I grew up with. It doesn't require plugs or batteries, doesn’t play music or talk or put on a light show, but it's the first thing they pick up when they walk into the playroom. They love it—and I do too!"

Margaret's grandchild loves her RetroViewer

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