If you have ever checked your mailbox, you have probably received a save the date announcement.

save the date

Usually a nice little card, or fun picture. But get your friends and family talking by sending a fun custom reel and viewer as a save the date!

Showcase your entire relationship frame by frame for your loved ones to see.

A fun example of this came to us from Marjorie J. She created scenes depicting special parts of her and her boyfriend, Eric's, relationship. The entire reel told their story with the last frame showing the date of their wedding.

Save the date reel

Plus, it will be something that your friends and family will want to keep forever as opposed to a card that might just get recycled!


Since all your loved ones will have a viewer from your save the date's, keep the theme alive by sending reels to announce other important events in your life. For example, a picture of the sonogram showing the new addition to come is a perfect baby announcement!