Not that you should make Christmas gifting a competition, but it is always a good feeling when you know that you have beat out your sibling at the best Christmas gift for your Grandmother!
That great feeling is what Michelle experienced last Christmas when both her and her brother gave photo gifts, but he gave a framed 5 x 7 and she gave a custom RetroViewer.

Michelle told us:

"I bought the RetroViewer for my 79 year old grandmother for Christmas. Living this long of a life, she's a woman who has nearly everything! One thing she did not have was a RetroViewer!

I added different pictures of all of her great grand kids. When she opened it up for Christmas she was kind of perplexed as to why I had given her a kids toy, but when she looked into the view finder and saw the pictures of all of her great grandkids she exclaimed out in Joy!

She loves photos, and this was such a unique gift to give! Not to mention it beat the Printed 5x7 my brother gave her in a basic wooden frame! Christmas for the win!

Her birthday is coming up, then mothers day and grandparents day, I have plenty of pictures to start filling the photo reels with so she can grow her collection and enjoy something so precious to her, her family."

Awww, how special! We love that we are part of such a fun family memory. Sounds like it will bring joy for a very long time.

Merry Christmas RetroViewer in Red


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