Did everyone enjoy Super Bowl Sunday (or at least the commercials)? It was chock-full of touchdowns, pigskin, and power outages!
So, of course we have to do something football related for Retro Wednesday!

Let's just talk about vintage football in general.

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1950 Bobby Reynolds

First off, look at his helmet! Nothing guarding his mouth or face! That is quite a big difference from the helmets you see players wearing today. And this isn't even from the beginning! This is a photo taken from around the 1950's.

Speaking of the beginning, do you know when the first game was played? That would be November 6, 1869 and it was between Rutgers and Princeton. However, it was quite a bit different from what we are used to nowadays. For example, they had 25 players on each team! The rules varied for quite a few years before becoming more concrete in the 1880's.

This is all reminding me of that George Clooney movie, Leatherheads, have you seen it? It's pretty good!

Football is the most popular sport in the United States. Is football your favorite sport? Who is your go-to team?