Have you ever been to a restaurant and been completely blown away by their menu? I honestly can't say that I have. Not that I haven't seen some really cool menus out there, but if I can't even recall an exact menu/restaurant, then it must not have been that cool.

Well, go to one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants, or Bennigan's or even the Austin Grill and you will be blown away! The fact is that they have all used a custom Image3D reel as their menu!

Take Jamie Oliver for example. His restaurant Jamie's Italian has their kids menu on a reel...

Jamie Oliver Kids Menu Reel

The Austin Grill uses a custom reel to instigate dessert orders (so cool we even picked it as a Favorite Friday)...

Dessert Menu Reel

Which, speaking of dessert menus, isn't it funny how servers so nicely leave the dessert menu with mouth watering pictures right by the table. Or how some even bring out a tray with their specialties? It sure is a nice try and I am always tempted. But, if they brought me out a dessert menu on a custom reel, I think I would definitely cave! Nostalgia mixed with happy memories and mouth watering pictures of pie? Yes, please!

Now one might think that a menu so incredibly cool would simply "walk away" with the customers. Well, of course we have a solution for that too! We can actually lock the reel in to the viewer. Talk about awesome!

Reel Locked into the Viewer