Jessica used a custom reel to throwback to the last 2 years her and her boyfriend have spent together. The best part? The gift will keep on giving for years as she plans on saving the reels to show their kids some day! How sweet!

And we absolutely loved how she jazzed up her RetroViewer box for added fun! What a great idea!

Jessica told us:

Jessica decorated her RetroViewer box for the anniversary gift"This product was so fun to make and it was even better to give. When I first saw this retro viewer I decided to give it to my boyfriend for our anniversary. We had just completed 2 years of dating so I made 2 reels. Each reel was filled with pictures of us from throughout that year. It came in a plain box of whatever color you chose so it was perfect for drawing or writing a message. I wrote on the box. “2 years down, forever to go.” I gave it to my boyfriend and he was so happy!

He just kept going through the reel over and over with a huge smile on his face and we reminisced of the good times we enjoyed together. This reel helped us tap into some memories we had forgotten. He told me that this was the best gift he had ever received.

He loved it so much that I am going to continue making a new reel for each year we are together. It is so easy to make and hey come out AMAZING!!! The best part it is that thanks to retro viewer we will be able to have these memories with us forever…and one day even show our kids!"

Jessica's boyfriend loves his anniversary gift

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