We know we make people smile. But, it's always great to hear about it!

We received an unsolicited email from photographer, Ashley Bedo of Under The Stars Photography, who is "blown away" by our product.

After having a photography session with her brides, she sends them a thank you, 1 year anniversary gift in the form of a custom Image3D reel with 7 of their best photos.
Now, two of her brides have received them and the response is overwhelming! Ashley told us, "Can't help but absolutely love the responses I am getting about these reels! So fun, unique and creative! I have them taking photos of the reels and sharing them on Facebook...they are being shared multiple times. Its blowing my mind!"

view-master, photography, wedding

Ashley went on to say, "Its funny because I loved these when I looked at them but they totally scream children's photographer to me, but I am blessed with fun goofy brides and so I thought they would fit perfect in my market and wanted to give them a try! Now its a must for all my brides! Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and this is by far the greatest way I have ever gotten my past clients excited and raving about me! So worth the investment, surpasses any amount of money I could possibly spend on advertising!"

wedding, photography, view-master, thank you, unique

We are so happy for Ashley! And now, the cycle continues with her talking about us, and us talking about her and sharing it with you!