The excitement is rising for the launch of Image3D in SkyMall magazines!

So, here is a list of some of our employee's favorite SkyMall products...

And of course first out of the gate has to be something up my alley, 3D.

3D Bowie Sunglasses

Skymall 3D Glasses
3D glasses that double as sunglasses? Can't get better than that. In fact, they have an entire line of 3D glasses. -Rich's pick
Click here for the 3D Bowie Sunglasses

Personalized Movie Posters

Skymall Movie Posters
Just as the description says, now you get to be the star. Very vintage, very personalized, and very cool! - Phil's pick
Click here for the Personalized Movie Posters

Retro Cell Phone Handsets

Skymall Phone
Funny, yet oh so awesome! -Niki's pick
Click here for the Retro Cell Phone Handsets

Bigfoot Tree Yeti Sculpture

Skymall Big Foot
Living in Oregon, the mecca of Big Foot culture, we should all have one of these (whether it be real or fake!) -Liz's pick
Click here for the Bigfoot Tree Yeti Sculpture

Food Pillows

Skymall Food Pillows
Because who wouldn't want to cuddle up with a cupcake? -Ramona's pick
Click here for the Food Pillows

What is your favorite SkyMall product??

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