One thing we never tire of here at Image3D is hearing how excited people get when they give a RetroViewer as a gift and the smiles and stories they have in return.
One such story is when Courtney gave her amazing boyfriend a RetroViewer highlighting the many adventures they had in their first year together.
Courtney said...

"I saw the reel viewer on Pinterest, and it immediately brought back childhood memories of when I'd use them to click through pictures from Toy Story or of dinosaurs. As soon as I clicked on it and saw that it was customizable and purchasable, I was set on ordering one. I knew exactly what it'd be for-my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. He is the most incredible man to me and we have had so many phenomenal adventures together during our first year with each other. So I custom made a reel called "Our First Year, Courtney & Brandon." I picked a cute picture of us together from right after we started dating to start. Then a picture of us kayaking, at Lake Tahoe, Miami Zoo, camping, at an airshow, and scuba diving. We went to dinner with my parents one night to celebrate our anniversary and I gave it to him there. He absolutely adored it and looked at me after he saw each picture, with a huge smile on his face. I am so in love with the gift to cherish our memories and to create more reels later on to add to it!"

Brandon smiling with his one year anniversary RetroViewer gift

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