It's round 2 of some of our favorite nostalgia themed memes! This time, we have funny memes on everything from school to fashion and planets. What’s better than getting a good laugh and reveling in the past at the same time?
Be sure to check out Nostalgia Memes Round 1 for some other good ones!

Nostalgia, Meme, Pluto, Planet, LOL, Solar System

Nostalgia, Memes, 80's, Clothing, Retro

Nostalgia, Memes, TV , School, Movie, Retro

Nostalgia, Memes, Prehistoric Googling, Google, Research, Library, Retro

Nostalgia, Memes, Dial Up, Internet, LOL

Nostalgia, Memes, Retro, Doodling, Drawing, Notebook

Nostalgia, Memes, Manual Windows, Car, Retro

Nostalgia, Memes, 70's, Afro, 1970, Retro