We have sort of a theme here with some Image3D employee New Years resolutions! See if you can catch it...

  • Olivia, with a baby on the way (March 23rd!) thinks that really focusing on that baby room is a good idea. "I have all the ideas, clothes, & toys, I just really need to put it together!"
  • Amber, with two little boys, has a resolution of organizing all of her photos. "I have a tote full of pictures that need to be organized and scrap booked! Plus more in folders on my computer that need to be printed. But hey I can just make reels out of those, so much easier than scrap booking and way cooler!" - VERY true!
  • Ramona, with a house to herself now that both kids are officially moved out, swears she is going to clean out the "new" spare bedroom.
  • Children
    Aww kids! You gotta love em. Whether they are on the way, around, or moved out, they still contribute to your daily life and goals! :-)

    What are your New Years resolutions??