The great Tom Petty wrote a lovely song that stressed, "the waiting is the hardest part." Jared realized the truth in that statement when he bought his wife's birthday present 2 months early. But, the waiting for Jared was all worthwhile.

He told us,

"A co-worker told me about your product and right away I knew I was going to purchase one for my wife's birthday. It was easy, and fast. I had to hide it for almost 2 months, that was the hard part. We went to the Oregon coast to celebrate her birthday, and I gave it to her to open. When she opened it her eyes lit up. As she put the disc in she wasn't sure what to expect. As she viewed the discs she thanked me, and said I had done a good job of choosing the pictures and that she loved it. Thank you for helping me to make my wife's birthday so special. You can bet I'll be a repeat customer."


RetroViewer with 4 custom reels


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