One of the best things about a custom RetroViewer is how unique of a vessel it is for photos. When people are used to seeing printed photos and photos on screens over and over, a RetroViewer is a perfect way to break it up.

When Robin did this for her friends, they were amazed!

Robin told us,

Dog Agility

"I take pictures of my friends and their dogs doing agility and herding events in the summers in Alaska for fun and post them for the owners to enjoy.

I took some of those photos and had two viewers and several reels made up as Christmas gifts for friends in Alaska.

Boy, were they a hit! I got two very excited texts, followed up by two still "bubbling over with excitement" phone calls.

Both friends LOVED their viewers. They were so happy and they were amazed at the quality of the reels and how well the photos turned out. Best of all, I can have more reels made as future gifts and they can make new reels themselves as well! What a great gift idea or even just for yourself for some lasting memories that are so much fun to look at and share! I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer!

Needless to say, you hit one out of the park for me. Thank you so much! "


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