The finalists are in!!

Here are the top 5 photos (as picked by Image3D) in the Image3D Favorite Photo Giveaway:

Molly Nickles
Belinda Griffith
Sandy Camarda
Stephanie Sharp
Colin Griffiths

Voting is open and now it's your turn to help pick a winner!

There are 3 ways to vote...

#1, The Blog

Simply click on the name of the finalist above to view their submission. If you like what you see, leave a comment and the number of comments will be tallied up at the end of the voting period.

#2, Facebook

We have listed all the submissions as status updates on our Facebook page. To vote for your favorite, make sure you *like* us first, then leave a comment beneath your top choice and we will tally up the number.

#3, Twitter

Vote via Twitter by first, following us, then mentioning @Image3Dusa with a #hashtag of the contestants name for the submission you like best. For example: @Image3D I vote for #mollynickles! Those tags will then be tallied up.

There are 3 ways to vote and each vote counts (one vote per option, please)! So make sure to vote on all 3 pages and get your friends and family involved!

Voting will remain open for 1 week, ending on August 8th, 2012.

Good luck! Can't wait to see who wins!