With all the reels we share we thought it might be helpful to explain how to look at them!

It totally looks like the images are out of order and random through out the reel. But I promise, there is a method to the madness!

The fact is, the reel rotates in the viewer clockwise. It starts on the first frame (when holding the "START" at the top, it is the images at the exact center of the reel) and then rotates a slight degree to the right. Oddly enough, it also skips a frame in between (crazy, I know).

Thus, when you are looking at the flat/stable reel you actually have to go counter-clockwise and skip to every other frame. Here is a super helpful example:

reel frame sequence

Now using your new found reel knowledge you can see how this reel below makes sense:

Dance Proposal Reel

Hope this helps!