Here is the last in our "Did you know?" series. This time, we have a fun little tidbit about Image3D...

Did you know that Image3D owner and founder, Rich Dubnow, worked for View-Master for 20 years?

Yup, it's true!
In fact, Rich Dubnow was the lead photographer for View-Master. Rich traveled the entire globe taking 3D photographs for View-Master reels. If you had View-Master, you have seen some of Rich's photography.
He took pictures for the reels of Michael Jackson's Thriller, National Parks, Spielberg movies, and so much more! Now, how cool is that?

Rich Dubnow

Most of you know by now that we are from the beautiful state of Oregon. Back in the day, the View-Master headquarters were in Beaverton, OR. This is where Rich worked until they decided to move to New York. Rich chose to stay behind with rooted Oregonian family and his creation was born. Soon after, he was making custom reels for marketing purposes out of his home. Now, 16 years later, we have a high-tech shop with 8 full time employees!

Well that is it for our "Did you know?" series. Stay tuned and in July we will be giving out all sorts of fun tips in a "Fun Tips" series that will include ways to better utilize some of the options we offer when creating your reels.