We've all received those pens, t-shirts, paperweights, and stress balls covered in company logos. While these novelty items have long been a means of promoting brand awareness, reminding customers of a particular name brand, they often wind up in the trash, as cheap, disposable toys, more or less. Using business promotional items and promotional merchandise is an effective way of spreading brand awareness, because, when you put your logo on products, people will be constantly reminded of your brand whenever they look at their desks or in their closets, use their pens or squeeze their stress balls, however, the vessel for delivering your brand's reminder should be more than a disposable trinket.

Marketing Promos that Won’t End Up in the Trash

Enter the RetroViewer. Surely, you remember those little visual wonders, often sold to children, which you insert circular slides into in order to enter a three-dimensional world of fantastic possibilities. Underwater seascapes, otherworldly planets, dinosaur inhabited jungles, and sweeping skyscrapers are just a few of the scenes common to the retro viewers of yore. Businesses have seen quite a bit of success utilizing the RetroViewer as a marketing device and custom promotional product, much like the aforementioned novelties, such as pens and stress balls. In fact, one big name in corporate America and abroad has used these tiny toys to generate leads.

How Marriott Uses 3D Business Promotions

Marriott Courtyard has been using this custom promotional product to showcase scenic hotels to potential customers. Through a custom printed RetroViewer, clients can view hotel rooms and vacation destinations before making a decision to invest time and money in a venture. Customers are welcome to keep the cute merchandise whether they decide to buy a room from Marriott Courtyard or not. Thanks to these promotional products, the company has experienced an 800% return on investment. The viewers are relatively inexpensive and easy to make, from the viewing device itself, to custom reels, which include both interior and exterior aspects of their hotels, cover letters, and the hotel's story. Since implementing this marketing campaign, Marriott Courtyard Hotels have gained corporate accounts for 250 to 450 room nights annually, at up to $95 per night.


Draw Attendees to Your Events

Lead generation isn't the only benefit of investing in promotional merchandise like the 3D viewers. Using custom promotional products can help drive attendees to events and conferences as well. Veritas Software is just one example of how a business can draw attendees to their events. Veritas is an IT company that helps businesses solve technical issues and shift into the digital world. In order to beckon potential partners and customers to their biggest event of the year, Veritas Software sought the assistance of Image3D to create a promotional item targeting the trade press for coverage of their conference.


At the time, the Veritas Software conference was being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, a city that is renowned for its decadent, visual, and sensual delights. What better way to draw people to Vegas to attend the conference than by giving them a taste of the city, itself. Image3D went to work on a project known as "Viva Las Vegas," which incorporated 3D image reels of Elvis Presley impersonators, shining lights and props, and wild-haired trolls to insert into their promotional 3D viewers.

That year, the Veritas Software conference saw record-breaking attendance as well as press coverage. Over 50 articles were published, covering the event, making it the software company's most successful marketing campaign of the year.

Promotional Products Make Great Gifts

Furthermore, promotional products are popularly used as thank-you gifts for respective donors and clients of a company. CURE International is a driving force behind the hospitals and healthcare facilities in 10 different countries, including Afghanistan and Zambia. When a weekend-long appreciation event was held on behalf of their donors, the charity organization began searching for something small and "childlike" to show gratitude. Image3D's viewers were chosen for their nostalgic properties and were left in donors' hotel rooms as "pillow gifts." The included reels showed success stories from CURE International, two children helped by the organization, the story of doctors working in Uganda, and Cure's five core value principles.

Manage Your Promotion Efforts

Image3D's production of their viewing toys is quick and easy. We do the work; you reap the benefits. Simply supply us with the images you want to use, and we will create the reel for you. Many customization options are available.

Looking at a Custom Reel highlighting the new building


Given the plethora of benefits achievable by utilizing promotional devices, what are you waiting for? Image3D's RetroViewers are inexpensive and easy to order and ship to your clients and customers. Revitalize a bit of the 90s with these stylish and hardly forgettable toys. Contact us to learn more.