As many already know (because I can't stop posting on Facebook about it, hehe), the Discovery Channel show How It's Made filmed at Image3D!

The crew of 4 showed up at 7AM on December 8th, 2011 to begin setting up while Rich gave the set manager a run down of the whole process.

We began by shooting the first sequence. In order to make a reel you need a 3D photo. So, Rich and I (Liz) got to do a little acting! We walked up to a pond, Rich pointed out a nice spot, I went and sat down, and he took the picture.
Liz at the pond
From there we moved over to the computer where Phil, our graphic designer, began putting the reel together.
Phil in graphics

Once the reel was made Phil sent it to the processor and began printing. After printing it gets laminated and then punched.
phil laminating

Then we have to make the viewers! Each station got a lot of action from the camera!

Nikki making viewers

Chelsea making viewers

Olivia making viewers

Of course at one point we all stop and take a lunch break!

lunch break!

They finish out the "story" by having me look through the viewer at my finished reel.

last shot

Lastly, they get a couple "beauty" shots of the finished product.
ending taping

the end of taping

Finally at 5PM they starting packing up! 10 hours of filming! It was such a fun process and everyone here had a great time watching how the filming works.

A little less than a year later the show aired! It was October 25th, 2012. We are just about to buy the rights to the video so we can share it with everyone who doesn't get that channel.

Here is a fun video of a behind the scenes look of how it all came together.

You can also see more pics on our Facebook page.