With 3D sweeping the movie world it's bound to expect horror films in 3D. And really, what better than a genre with frightening antics, bloody scenes, and jaw dropping suspense, to be popping out in your face??

So that got us at Image3D thinking...what are some good horror films that should have been made in 3D?

The first film I immediately think of is Hitchcock's Psycho (probably because I took a movie class in college that strictly studied Hitchcock films for the entire term. So I know my Hitchcock!) How cool would it be to see the shower scene in 3D? And all the creepy taxidermy animals hanging in Norman Bates hotel office?
Phil, our graphics guy, suggested Evil Dead 2. All the scenes in the woods with branches popping out and capturing their victims mixed with attacks of flesh possessing spirits sounds like a perfect match for the power of 3D.

And what is more scary than clowns...especially demon murdering clowns? Chelsea's offering- Stephen King's It also exhibits great 3D potential.

Or what about the quintessential Halloween movies: Halloween and Friday the 13th (suggested by Olivia)!? Institutional murderers and games of Kill the Counselor exploding in your face as you clench with fright.

Last but not least, Ramona offers The Exorcist! Pea soup in the face anyone?

I know that this list could be endless, so please comment with your horror movie ideas!