In high school I was asked to every dance in the usual boring way…sitting at lunch, he turned to me and said, “hey wanna go to homecoming with me?”

But let’s get more creative! I’ve seen signs on billboards in town, a bouquet of roses sent during class, you can sing a song like this guy , or you can create a custom reel and viewer for the lucky lady.

In fact, we have actually had quite a few dance proposal reels. The latest one had pictures of a couple with 3D text lyricizing the chorus from Auburn’s Perfect Two. Another past reel involved random pictures spelling out “Will you go to homecoming with this guy?” “Will”= a picture of Will Smith, “to”= number 2 card in a deck of cards, “this guy” being a picture of him. It was so cute! And who can seriously say, “no” to that?

We have actually even had a prom invitation ordered by Brentwood Christian School for their very elegant Hollywood themed Junior/Senior prom to be handed out to each student.[caption id="attachment_65" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Prom Invitation reel by Brentwood Christian Academy"]Prom Invitation Reel[/caption]