We know that we provide a great gift idea, fun keepsake, etc... but when we hear a story that is truly touching, those are the kind of stories that make us proud to be doing what we are doing!

Sherri sent a nice email and told us,

"My friend and 7th grade teacher 55 years ago, Dick Mohler, at 101 years of age is full of life but has limited vision. Last summer I took him to Hudson, IA, from his home in TX, where he served as Honorary Grand Marshall in the Hudson Parade. He is the oldest living graduate of his high school and rode in a Model T leading the parade! We also visited his grandparents’ old farm and the grave sites of many family members while in his hometown and I took many pictures along the way but his poor vision prevented his enjoyment of the memories using those photos. Meanwhile, my granddaughter received a RetroViewer as a gift and a lightbulb went off! I so hoped that this would be just what we needed to allow Mr. Mohler to relive those special events he had so enjoyed!

I presented him with his gift a few weeks ago, and his expression reveals his delight!! Thank you, RetroViewer, for helping this 101 year old “see” his memories so clearly!"

Helping Mr Mohler see through a RetroViewer

What a special story!

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