Sometimes it's scary, sometimes it's exciting. Whether we like it or not, adrenaline is just part of our bodies. Thankfully, in these times of self induced excitement, pictures were captured and made into a custom reel. Check it out!

10,000 feet above the ground, free- falling, aiming toward that drop zone! Have you ever been skydiving?
skydiving, adrenaline, viewfinder

Whether it be vintage or new, the feeling of riding a motorcycle stays the same- heart-beating, wind-blown, and fast paced.
motorcycles, vintage, retro, viewfinder, custom

Kickflips, ollies, grinding down rails, rolling in the halfpipe...all things I cannot do. :-) Yet, still fun to watch and hear about from others.
skate, skateboard, skateboarding, fun, photography

Remember the good ol' days when you would drag race down main street in the wee hours of the morning?
Hot Rod Reel (6-21-13)

What do you like to do to get your adrenaline pumping?

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