As 3D becomes more popular, with 3D T.V.'s (even ESPN is in 3D now!) and 3D movies, the need for 3D glasses has increased. And who wants just plain and simple disposable glasses like the ones they hand out at the movie theater?
no boring 3d glasses
Here is a list of our favorite cool, fun, and chic glasses, perfect for anyone wanting to look good while representing 3D!

  • Check out Ingri:Dahl- These two sisters have compiled a collection of hip designer glasses.
  • Look3D Eyewear has multiple themes for glasses including ones from your favorite movies (because who can resist Harry Potter glasses? Especially in 3D)!
  • 3bee3D has everything from clip ons to aviators and standard glasses, but in cool bright colors!
  • Dimensional Optics - what's your favorite color? You are sure to find the coolest and most colorful 3D glasses here!