March Madness is coming soon! Who is your favorite college basketball team?

Let's get in the spirit by talking about one of our favorite things mixed with some of yours....retro and basketball!

Vintage Basketball Team

How many of you played basketball as a kid? I remember we had a hoop outside, but only a gravel driveway. Our basketballs wouldn't last too long before they started falling apart from the sharp chunks of gravel. We would also pull the trampoline over to the hoop so we could make slam dunks and feel so much cooler about ourselves!

So, what about this old school basketball? I personally have never seen one like this before...looks kinda like a football!

Vintage Basketball

Speaking of basketballs, I started to wonder how basketballs are made nowadays. What do you know, Wilson has a video!

Looks like a lot of work! I never realized that each orange panel was laid in separately!

In the name of the season, I would love to hear about any basketball stories you have! So, please share!
But, back to the real question...who do you think is gonna take the top spot for 2013?